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The Ramón Roqueta winery has a history that goes back 120 years and five generations of the Roqueta family. The winery was founded in Manresa in 1898 by Ramón Roqueta Torrentó, an enterprising and ingenious businessman, from a family closely linked to viticulture since the 12th century. He moved to Manresa while foreseeing the opportunity to sell and distribute products in this growing city. This turned out to be a decisive milestone that laid the foundation stone of the winery.


LAFOU Celler was born in 2007 with the hope of producing wines that reflect the greatness of the Grenache and such an extraordinary wine region as the Terra Alta.


Its landscape, the vineyard terraces and the revines (fous) are the ideal place for this variety to express itself to the fullest.


Abadal was created with the aim of highlighting the wine potential of Pla de Bages and transmitting its essence and personality.


With an innovative spirit and linked to the world of wine for over 8 centuries, we make expressive and authentic wines, with the desire to convey the sensations that come from the wooded landscape around us.


Andalusia has a centuries-long history of winemaking, with studies suggesting that the first vineyards on the Iberian Peninsula were cultivated in Andalusia as early as 4000 BC. Certainly, over the last 3000 years, winemaking has continued more or less uninterruptedly in Andalusia, whether the region has been under Greek, Phoenician, Roman or Arab rule. Today, Andalusia is a revitalized wine region, where young Andalusian winemakers use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest winemaking techniques to create modern and exciting wines.


Bodegas Tierra Hermosa is a collaborative wine producer based in Andalusia. We work in partnership with local grape producers and small independent wineries to create a modern and exciting range of wines from all over this beautiful region of southern Spain.  Andalusia is the most typically Spanish part of the Iberian Peninsula and a popular destination for millions of international tourists. Our aim is to take advantage of the ancient winemaking customs of all of Andalusia and then add our own contemporary touch of Tierra Hermosa.