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Luciano Armellino

More than 20 years dedicated to the wine sector working with industry leading companies such as Kendall-Jackson and Southern-Glaziers Wine and Spirits.


Specializing in the US market, he has worked in depth on the different "layers" of the complex American 3 -tier sales system and he is also an owner of a wine business he created in Florida.


It was when he moved to the European continent years ago that, realizing the situation of the small family wineries, he decided to start in the export business with Pulse Selections.


He now lives between the United States and Europe advising and opening markets for family businesses looking to expand into the world of wine.



Iñigo Ruiz Heeren

It was his passion for wine that led Iñigo to begin his professional career in 2008, and since then he has sought to be part of the most prestigious wineries in the sector.


He has worked as an export manager from Asia to South America and Europe, always trying to satisfy the needs of his clients and friends with the best possible wines.


As an expert in Spanish wines and a connoisseur of the different regions that make up the region, his advice is key to completing successful portfolios.


A fresh rosé and the sparkling wines produced by the traditional method are always his favorites.




Harry Hunt

Harry left London and everything there to fulfill his dream of dedicating himself to the world of wine.


After studying wine production at Plumpton College in England, he worked in France; Bordeaux, North and South of the Rhone Valley and finally in Spain, where he created Bodegas Tierra Hermosa in Andalusia.


He has a multitude of wines that are currently distributed in various countries, both in the hotel and catering sectors.

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Mónica Moosbrugger

Monica began her career in Miami working in high profile events. Her passion for marketing soon led her to travel the world with her clients, eventually joining the America's Cup sailing team to promote the teams and the sport around the world.


For years Monica has been in Europe where she continues to grow and evolve professionally. It is here that her passion for wine has finally found a niche in her professional career, leading her to join Pulse Selections.